Octopian Eclipse

by Necrocosm

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First single off of the upcoming album, out later this year.

Professionally recorded, mixed, mastered by Jamie King (BTBAM, Wretched, Aether Realm, etc.)


Ancient flesh bound text inscribed in blood. Tome of cosmic evil unleashes ageless horror long confined. The great old ones, their death predates time. Tentacled sleeper below awaits its imminent becoming. That is not dead which can eternal lye, and strange aeons even death may die.

Chorus: Octopian master, hellish monstrosity, entombed for ages in a watery abyss. Infinite, hatred of thee, cursed spawn of a fabled creator. Speaking to us from beyond space and time. Whispers carried on the back of dreams. Before man they ruled unabated, terror and malice amplifying screams, blacken the skies tendrils now descending. Forcing all who witness to there knees.

Destruction and torment is never ending. Served to new gods for they must feast. Our petty existence as sacrifices to be longing the end thought to be free once dead. Horror inflicting omnipresent beings. Transcending the plains between live and deceased. Futile now our passage to permanence destroyer of worlds awaiting us there. Creating new realms of Gehenna. Perpetual misery afflicts every soul.

(bridge and solos)

Voices from the past consume the mind. Surrender to the will of a boundless cosmic horror. Desperate cries born of resistance now cease. Sanity a forsaken gift, the mind is vacated. They lye in wait below the depths, bitterly plotting humanity's end.


Once dead eyes awaken and gleaming, marching on ceaselessly. Thrust into the void, Cthulu unremitting. Humanity's fall, never ending for all.


released December 31, 2014
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Jamie King at Basement Recording Studio www.thebasementrecordingnc.com

All music/lyrics written and performed by Necrocosm.

Copyright 2014



all rights reserved


Necrocosm Raleigh, North Carolina

Three remaining members from a deceased project decided to embrace their dark inspiration and craft music in a new sinister direction. Many beers were had, copious heads were banged, and much blood was spilled, as the dark assembly forged this new sonic beast in Raleigh, NC. Necrocosm is here to be your shadow in the darkness, a cruel reminder that time is short and death always prevails. ... more

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