by Necrocosm

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Here is the 2nd single from our upcoming debut album Damnation Doctrine.


belief through faith is critical error
reason being exchanged for dogmatic garbage
a poisoned well tall tales and "prophetic" fables
quenching the thirst of these parched masses
blindly we steer our lives in hopes of doing right
feeble effort must be without knowing what awaits us in the end
(prechorus)(upright the bow of servitude
the mislead shepards the flock away from the truth and understanding
instilling fear and self loathing to produce obedience
pull back the wool from naive eyes)
theocracies holding feeble minds captive
infallibility is of a man made gods creation
your slaves to a false deity
confess to absolve all our faults inherent
cling to the musings of some holy spirit
cry out in prayer no one will here it
squander your life just because you fear it
(chorus)(nows time for conscienceless permutation
the end forever beckoning
fragment the reigns of subjection
derail religious fate perceptions)
(profit puppets souls
whole pulls the strings no holy father
renounce take control
we deserve so much more than offered
push fallacious hope
intellect won't allow much longer
retribution awaits those who serve the edict of a papal liar)x2
blindly we live our lives in hope of doing right
futile efforts must be without knowing what awaits us in the end


released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Necrocosm Raleigh, North Carolina

Three remaining members from a deceased project decided to embrace their dark inspiration and craft music in a new sinister direction. Many beers were had, copious heads were banged, and much blood was spilled, as the dark assembly forged this new sonic beast in Raleigh, NC. Necrocosm is here to be your shadow in the darkness, a cruel reminder that time is short and death always prevails. ... more

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