Damnation Doctrine

by Necrocosm

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Joost Hijman
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Joost Hijman Its a complete package, nice groove heavy grunts and a fast pace. One of the topalbums i own Favorite track: Architects of Death.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) The opening riff knocks the legs right out from under you and drags you into the shadows. If Force Fed Progeny is a riff salad, its a damn taco salad loaded with cheese and sour cream. Delicious. Full review on MetalTrenches.com: metaltrenches.com/reviews/now-i-want-a-taco-sa-181 Favorite track: Plains of Inexistence.
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Damnation Doctrine is our debut album


released September 4, 2015

All songs written and performed by Necrocosm

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Jamie King at Basement Recording Studio, Winston-Salem during Oct 2014 and April 2015

Cover art by Errol

Logo and logo/title/art integration by Irina ModBlackmoon

v2.0 album art remastered by Landmind Design April 2016



all rights reserved


Necrocosm Raleigh, North Carolina

Three remaining members from a deceased project decided to embrace their dark inspiration and craft music in a new sinister direction. Many beers were had, copious heads were banged, and much blood was spilled, as the dark assembly forged this new sonic beast in Raleigh, NC. Necrocosm is here to be your shadow in the darkness, a cruel reminder that time is short and death always prevails. ... more

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Track Name: Sworn Hatred
Silence of night veils our unsought approach,
gliding across chilling expanse, gelid ripples emulating the moon, forthwith an archer casts three fiery bolts

bracing myself for impact,
we violently thrust ourselves upon these virgin shores, mud laden brogan trudging frozen sands, lit by the now engulfing flames, lambs cloth stained with bespattered remains, the last thing my incipient victim sees, the union of Dane and cranium, sending trembles down my handle, eyes glassed lifeless I inhale without reproach

(Chorus) Although I'm not the only one, here to arrogate and decimate, the lucky few to escape my blade, shall tell tall tales of my execrable deeds

With my foot to sternum, my senses peak to some dotard's advance, as if an extension of my hand Seax is unsheathed, and buried in my prey's neck, crackling bone, tear of tissue, tepid arterial geysers, in ecstasy as I eradicate, not with malice but with childlike elation, crooked smile upon my face


(solo: Kevin)

Primitive repulsion to forcefully proliferate our "superior" pedigree, is work better left to my brethren, for I was created to kill, with a grin pasted beneath a mask of blood, the sharpened edges know not woman, man or child, yet I incise with absolutely no reprieve, my instincts they are vile


Perched high atop a growing mound of innocent and meek, I exclaim in victory this exterminations befall, for this you've sworn hatred to me
Track Name: Architects of Death
Was it worth it acting as Death's servant, purging innocence, for these transgressions pain is eminent

hand hammered metal form, baleful killing invention, Perillos stands proud, unveiling his creation, flames to a belly of bronze, shrieks make the beast's breath, Phalaris laughs aloud, as Perillos thrown inside and slowly roasts to death, cries muted by the crowd's elation, charred flesh effluence, wails resonate and loudly echo, brazen bull awakens and bellows, gagging on his own burning skin, suffocation ends agony, victimized by his own concoction, only fate for architects of death

Tattoo the face for a minor infraction, remove the nose in reparation, sentenced to crawl from your feet's dismissal, future is grim if you still haven't learned your lesson, castrate the convict, changing ancient bloodlines, finale of a most gruesome fashion, being slowly ripped in half using horse drawn tension, so cruel the Five Pains method, brainchild of Li Si, how befitting he who created died the way he made so many, boiled alive by his own people, Moirai caressed him him so deserving, inevitable ending for those whose only aspiration is to kill

(Chorus) If achievements were measured in personifying Death's hand, standing alone without rival...is mankind and its inherent malicious intent assuring the end of us all

The debilitating mass consumption, complacent in an epidemic, allegiances have become malign, seeding the doctrines to damnation, coddled into submission, dreading outcome apocalyptic, nourishing an intrinsic flaw, disseminating opinions validating our existence, certainty breeds a societal malaise, no matter the perspective one possesses spiritually, a virtuous pecking order is created, highest tasked with assimilation or destroy any that oppose, makes religion man's creation, the most destructive weapon of our time


...Is religion and its unforeseen malicious intent assuring the end of us all

Personify Death, stand without rival, our malicious intent, assuring the end of us all

Solo: Kevin
Track Name: Disavow
Belief through faith is critical error
reason being exchanged for dogmatic garbage
a poisoned well tall tales and "prophetic" fables
quenching the thirst of these parched masses
blindly we steer our lives in hopes of doing right
feeble effort must be without knowing what awaits us in the end

(Prechorus) upright the bow of servitude
the mislead shepards the flock away from the truth and understanding
instilling fear and self loathing to produce obedience
pull back the wool from naive eyes

Theocracies holding feeble minds captive
infallibility is of a man made gods creation
you're slaves to a false deity
confess to absolve all our faults inherent
cling to the musings of some holy spirit
cry out in prayer no one will hear it
squander your life just because you fear it


(Chorus) now's time for conscienceless permutation
the end forever beckoning
fragment the reigns of subjection
derail religious fate perceptions
(profit puppets souls
whole pulls the strings no holy father
renounce take control
we deserve so much more than offered
push fallacious hope
intellect won't allow much longer
retribution awaits those who serve the edict of a papal liar

Solo: Kevin

profit puppets souls
whole pulls the strings no holy father
renounce take control
we deserve so much more than offered
push fallacious hope
intellect won't allow much longer
retribution awaits those who serve the edict of a papal liar

blindly we live our lives in hope of doing right
futile efforts must be without knowing what awaits us in the end



Track Name: Octopian Eclipse
Ancient flesh bound text inscribed in blood. Tome of cosmic evil unleashes ageless horror long confined. The great old ones, their death predates time. Tentacled sleeper below awaits its imminent beckoning. That is not dead which can eternal lay, and strange eons even death may die.

(Chorus) Octopian master, hellish monstrosity, entombed for ages in a watery abyss. Infinite, hatred of thee, cursed spawn of a fabled creator. Speaking to us from beyond space and time. Whispers carried on the back of dreams. Before man they ruled unabated, terror and malice amplifying screams, blacken the skies tendrils now descending. Forcing all who witness to there knees. Destruction and torment is never ending. Served to new gods for they must feast.

Our petty existence as sacrifices to be longing the end thought to be free once dead. Horror inflicting omnipresent beings. Transcending the plains between alive and deceased. Futile now our passage to permanence destroyer of worlds awaiting us there. Creating new realms of Gehenna. Perpetual misery afflicts every soul.

Solo: Brent
Solo: Kevin

Voices from the past consume the mind. Surrender to the will of a boundless cosmic horror. Desperate cries born of resistance now cease. Sanity a forsaken gift, the mind is vacated. They lay in wait below the depths, bitterly plotting humanity's end.


Once dead eyes awaken and gleaming, marching on ceaselessly. Thrust into the void, Cthulu unremitting. Humanity's fall, never ending for all.
Track Name: Necrocosm
Implacable howls echo vacant streets,warmth crests the city skyline on a lifeless dawn, destitute of enlightenment is our past,
after warkind's selfish acts spake louder than all, misfortune spreads virulent gusts,
invisible odorless caustic and poisonous, asphyxiated and dissolved into an acrid crimson flux, our prolix existence is set to fail, billions attenuate then liquidate, leaving no human form, an insurmountable crux, fate is for civilizations to fall, cities to ashes and men to dust, genesis of a dead world, scattered remnants, left in the populous wake, clothing strewn about, bloody and tattered, man, woman, child, and beast alike coagulate in rancid sanguine torrents on this rock now barren, by designs of minds dictated by fear of losing imaginary lines in sand, which no longer matter (x2), pity the feeble to weak to prolong, too short sighted realize the eminent end of all life

(Chorus) self destructive archetype predominant within our species, whimsically breathes life into microbial agents of our own demise, suicide on inception a guise of security, ecocide with creation to enforce bias morality, science perpetuates death at depths impossible to fathom, a now desolate orb, necrocosm

Solo: Kevin

sentience granted with variable thought pattern antithesis, folly of nature a species obsessed with creating implements to enslave and destroy its own, fate is that civilization will fall, cities to ashes when men ablate, a wasteland awash in a sea of blood

Track Name: Hypnagogic Gait
languid faults crumble in seism, awaken a thought silenced blight, rebirth of forgot peril, exigent cruor appentency, vitiated from eons slumber
crawling out abysmal tombs, to commingle in elder form, fetch ailing kith fresh victual, grievous amble pilots decent, toward a shimmering valley, feculent aroma polluted haze sounds the carousal bell, skid row derelicts suffice the need, ingurgitated brawn makes rugose skin young again, corpulent husks festooned all about, sustentation all now we less stalwart kin, forlorn our species with their animation, hellish torment awaits the unlucky multitude to endure their reign
decrepit ilk await in secluded catatonia, for a delivered feast hence further propagation, meat from the expired just won't due
living flesh suits their viscous tastes best, newly unimpeded dredger throngs only berth, glutted now they continue to hunt, pursuing their cruel doyen's predations, aided by hyoscine drenched fingertip secretions, merely touch of thumb to philtrum, hypnotic sedation turns human to cattle, guiding them to their slaughter, obliteration pipers, hapless, lucid, alert their feet fall in step with their carnivorous oppressors, docile ambulatory drones outside, internal wails of horror on this march of demise

(chorus) subterranean menace time forgot, (anticipates a crowd of open eyed nourishment to resurrect their serpentuos queen) who gorges constantly on conscience victims, who've tread tear stained paths, disgusting moans in an elegy of entrapment, a devil's breath induced, hypnagogic gait, imprisoned in a skin cell and ingested

solo: Kevin

lament the evils of mankind's woe, while atrocious beings intern us all, to fulfill insatiable needs offering ourselves to her majesty
enlivened by our casualties, earth spews forth a malevolent horde, clouds of obsidian cascade valleys like volcanic ash, a never ended demonic brood extinguish life with no mercy, whole families liquefied, full grown men torn in half, hallow flesh cavities stacked waist high, begin to fill with phoridae agnate creatures, all linked by some connate consciousness, stuffed and animated by these nimble swarms, fresh cadavers stumbling to walk again, corpulent husks meandering around, sustentation all now we less stalwart kin, forlorn our species within animation, hellish torment awaits the unlucky multitude to endure their reign

(chorus) ...tears the world from the hands of our kind,subdued and enslaved servants to their serpentuos queen
Track Name: Force Fed Progeny
It's been so long since the light's retirement
only few survived catastrophe
living underground in darkness starving
once taboo notion now ordinary

the hinge point of existence shatters
celestial transition completely frivolous to fight
life giving sun explodes skies fade to black
poor souls ignite leaving panicked carbon statues

now with out light or land
as sustenance becomes scarce
some clutch trinket and pray to their deity
devoid of a reason insanity takes the reins
slaughter for meat and force feed your progeny

a struggling new world in infancy
eating its own for survival

gruesome deeds
execute the weak becoming just to sacrifice
starving pleas fall on deaf ears
slit throats silence cries
humanity defied

process renders human flesh faceless
as gluttonous offspring pack suina chops
to blindly please appetites

choking on flesh force it downward
gagging on bile throat now start burning
although terrible they suffer onward
as they slowly masticate fellow human beings

It's been so long since the light's retirement
only few survived catastrophe
living underground in darkness starving
once taboo notion now ordinary
Track Name: W.B.S.
(Bridge) Catalyst unknown led to terminal contradiction, turmoil was concealed just beneath the surface, antecedent demons ruling desires once again the injected Apollyon's return surreptitious to the end, feasting solely on libation an aided regression to an egocentric hopelessness,

Verse: the sudden despondency of polar inversion, a caustic depressive state, inebriated mania, appalling betrayal, adverse to all that was taught, a new lesson is learned, most selfish endeavor, the plunger being Sheppard guide towards eternity, unanswerable questions now laying among the wake, imagination exaggerates all possibility

Chorus: atrocious actions, conditioned cowardice, only prescription a syringe full of malcontent, euthanasia self administered, strain one last breath, allow eternal black to converge


Solo: Kevin

liar master of failure, you chose a most selfish endeavor, the plunger being your guide... towards eternity (x2)
...how could you push so easily


chorus: appropriate toxic concoctions,through privileged means to a self made oblivion,the injected Apollyon's return